Top 3 outdoor trends moving into 2022

Timeless Design

Moving into 2022, a big trend is in up-cycling what we have. And when buying new, invest in ergonomic, long-lasting, and timelessly designed outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time in any space without replacing. 

Eco Friendly options

Eco-outdoors is not a new term, but with people stuck indoors for most of 2020. Traditional wooden outdoor furniture is a trend that is going nowhere as people return to traditional craft and carving. Look for products made from natural timber like Teak, Oak, or Bamboo when choosing your next outdoor dining setting.


Multifunctional outdoor furniture is a big trend coming in for 2022 with people looking to maximize their spaces and make room for Zoom classes and workouts at home. Gone are the days when a table is just a table, outdoor extension tables as well as quick and easy pack downs make spaces transformational for all the seasons to come, tables with hidden compartments for quick and easy storage are also in for the new year. Turn any outdoor cabinets into outdoor bar table tops with the addition of outdoor bar stools for modern multifunctional storage and entertaining space.

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